mini me

August 30, 2013

Daniel’s wearing Spring Baby from FV (Seriously sooo soft, it’s an awesome brand for babies’ skin)

Ok I don’t want to brag but let’s just admit the truth here ok?

Daniel is a real mommy’s boy because he looks just like mommy.

*beams proudly in front of Dean*

Everywhere we go, people are like “Ohhh he looks just like you, Vivy!” completely oblivious to the fact Dean is standing there awkwardly thinking he’s-my-child-too-you-know-I-think-he-has-my-hair.

And to annoy Dean, “I know right! He has my eyes, my nose, my lips, my ears, my skin colour, my sense of humor, my cheekiness, my appetite, my everything la! He’s so awesome.”

And I would hear Dean mutter, “Sheesh it’s not a competition.”

One day I saw Dean examine Daniel closely.

“Omg omg… he has my fingernails! Look, baby, he has my fingernails,” while yanking Daniel’s hands at me.

Oh god… if he had to look that far pass Daniel’s mittens, that’s quite chronic. So fine, I’ll just give him the light of day.

“Oh yeah!!!!! Those are soooo your nails!!!” I cheered him on.

Totally my nails, guys.