one more week

August 13, 2013

I have exactly a week till I graduate The Pantang Academy and you cannot imagine how excited I am. No more herbs all over my body, no more socks, no more 10 metre corset wrapped up to my knees… instead, hello shopping malls, ice cold drinks and high heels! I’ll be back, baby!!!

I chose to do my pantang half and half meaning half at my mom’s and the second half at my mil’s. It’s quite awesome to do it this way because Dean and I get to spend time with both our families and they can equally help look after Daniel while I sleep enjoy the new addition to the family. The only bad thing is that both families will get to see you makeup-less and smelly. My mom and mil (my pantang wardens) are equally strict with my pantang ritual and man.. I really have to tiptoe around the refrigerator if I feel like being naughty.

In a week’s time, Dean and I will move back to our apartment. I have noooo idea how I’ll cope without having both moms around to teach me things and help me when I’m helpless.. and I guess I’ll miss having the luxury and comfort of staying with parents. I’m not too excited to face that…

But what I am excited to face is….

The glass door entrance of my beautiful office, my lovely second home, my favourite getaway.

These 5 weeks I’m away, I still am very much in communication with everyone in the office getting updates and solving issues from afar. I don’t know how truthful they’re being when they say they miss me, but I sure miss them like craycray!! I can’t wait to get back to work and be among the hustle and bustle behind my favourite online store. I already have loads of things planned and my schedule is filling up coming September with projects and media interviews. Weeeeee!!!!!!

Only one thing though…

Where do I put my son?

Hmmm…. shoulda thought about this before you got pregnant, silly!!