August 25, 2013

Being new parents and all, let’s face it…. It’s all trial and error with Daniel.

(Sorry kid, you’re the firstborn.. all the oops moments happen with you haha)

There are too many things I don’t know and if it’s not for the help I get from my family and advice from friends, this baby would probably be so frustrated he’d start talking to tell me what he wants. They say all cries are distinctive and you can differentiate them, but they lie…. All cries sound the same and I always get it wrong!

And sometimes I try the whole training thing where you leave him for a while to cry so that he learns patience and he might calm himself down after a while. Apparently this teaches your children to be independent. Well, once I did that and I let him cry for a good minute. I think he knew I was near him and he kept crying louder whenever I came next to his rocker. I couldn’t bear looking at him, tears running down from the sides of his eyes. Come on, Vivy… this is for his own good, I told myself and resisted the urge to pick him up. Well, it turned out his diaper was so full that he peed all over his rocker. I felt so so bad you wouldn’t believe how many times I apologized to him while changing his diaper.

French Children Don’t Throw Food, my @$$. Never reading that book again, haha.

 I need to go back to work now, so I was reading (again with the reading!) a lot on Baby Centre on how to get him on a routine while I’m away. One of the articles told me that I should do a feeding and sleeping pattern for him. A 2-hourly feed, a 2-hour nap schedule.. all these things. So I tried to write down all of Daniel’s activities to see if there’s a pattern. Even tried to follow their format.


Err… yeah, I gave up at 4 pm the next day.

There is just no way you can monitor every single thing. Everytime he cried, I would be like “Hold on, baby, I need to write this down” and he would be screaming as if saying “Forget that, change me NOW.”

Na-ah I prefer if we don’t wait, Mommy. -___-

So, yeah. I’m back to square one.

One time, I got so tired because I couldn’t get anything done on my To Do list because Daniel’s schedule is unpredictable.

I just looked at him as he looked at me.

“Excuse me, Sir. When you’re free, could you email me your schedule please?”

I still check my inbox for a miracle.