then and now

August 11, 2013

My first raya experience with Daniel is definitely one I will always remember. A much more meaningful raya with our little bub in the picture this time. Because I’m still in pantang, I never really thought about raya outfits. Didn’t think I’d be going anywhere, anyway.

But that thought lasted for only a few minutes. How cute would Daniel look in a mini baju melayu?! So I had Dean call the tailor to come to the house to measure Daniel, who obviously had no idea what was going on. He couldn’t care less if his baju raya was a towel. As long as he has milk and diapers, all’s good in Daniel-town.

By the evening, the fresh and crisp new baju melayu became this.

Wet with saliva and puke.

I’m thinking of framing this up, actually.

To sum everything up:

Then: I could take my time doing my hair and my make up and steaming my clothes on Raya day.

Now: Dean was nice enough to steam my baju. Me? I can’t even remember if I shampoo-ed my hair….

Then: I had a nice handbag to match each one of my Raya outfit wherever I went.

Now: We have one diaper bag. That is my handbag now.

Then: Raya wouldn’t be raya without my favourite ketupat and rendang. I would eat sooo many.

Now: I can’t eat ketupat and rendang because I’m still technically in confinement. I still ate so many hehe. (nothing’s changed here)

Then: I could mingle with people as I pleased.

Now: I’m in the room breastfeeding and putting Daniel to sleep that by the time I’m done, the people have left.

Then: The only thing I’m wiping off my shoulder is my hair.

Now: I’m walking around with white patches on my shoulder smelling of baby puke.

Then: At the end of the day, I’d be counting duit raya excitedly.

Now: At the end of the day, I’m computing Daniel’s duit raya in an excel sheet before giving them to Dean to put in the bank.

Oh how things have changed.

But no matter how tiring, it’s actually quite fun having a little boy in the house to colour our lives.

I just have to make sure I always have tissue and wet wipes!

Guess I have to realise that now I have a new boss in my life. His name is Daniel and he has taken over my life….

… and my spot on the bed.