yummy stamping

August 2, 2013

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Look what was dropped off at my mom’s house recently….

You see, you THINK these are ordinary Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bars.

Until you open them furiously when the sun sets and you can eat again and the world seems bright again with birds chirping.


3 things I love all in one; Dean, Daniel and most importantly, chocolateeeeee…. *drool*

Seriously such a clever way of sending messages to your loved ones to commemorate important marks of their lives, in my case the birth of my son. Just seeing all our names together made me feel all tingly inside; we’re a real family now. *wipes tear*

The message is at the back, whereas the front is the familiar small pre-cut cubes… the ones I always say “Ok, just one.” and I end up eating 10.

You, too, can make me THIS happy and go get me another personalised Cadbury Dairy Milk bar – you can choose from one of Cadbury Dairy Milk’s preset Raya as well as generic messages and add a touch by including your name!

I finished the Eid Mubarak one real quick because it was so yummy and I’m full of hormones these days.

But Dean and I made a pact that we won’t eat the other one until Raya just to make this Raya even more special. Our first Raya ever with Daniel. *heart skips a beat* I’m just so excited to dress him up in an adorable baju melayu and well, if he behaves, maybe I’ll share my Cadbury Dairy Milk with him. Hehe. (I’m kiddingggggg, don’t go signing me up to parenting rehab just yet).

This Raya, we’ll all unite. My parents, my inlaws, my sister, my niece and nephews, my relatives… I just love this time of the year. Maybe I’ll make a personalized Cadbury Dairy Milk bar for each one of them! Then we can pose with them in our Raya picture.

Forget Raya cards! Give your loved ones food instead with a nice Raya message. Everybody loves chocolate, especially Cadbury Dairy Milk!

You can find out where’s the nearest participating Tesco outlet through the store locator here – only available THIS weekend (3 & 4 August)!

Have a blessed Raya, everyone.