a mom’s wish

September 22, 2013

Gosh, I never saw myself in this place. Being a mom, changing diapers, wiping snot, smelling poop, getting puked on. For someone who’s always on the go and let’s face it, quite self-absorbed haha, I never knew I could care for someone else the way I care for Daniel.


I love Daniel.. I cannot explain how I feel about him. There are just no words.

He’s 2 and a half months old now and he’s growing up so fast that Dean and I are still looking furiously for the Stop button. Since that button doesn’t exist, we just have to savor each moment we have with him. As working parents, there’s just no way we can spend 24/7 with him obviously, but that doesn’t mean we should grumble. It just means we have to press Pause on everything else when it’s Daniel time.

And for us, that’s usually 5.30 am. That’s when he’s awake for real and it’s like “HELLO WORLD GOOD MORNING NOW WHERE ARE THOSE TWO PEOPLE WHO GOD ORDERED TO PLAY WITH ME. WHY ARE THEY LATE.”

Daniel, if you’re reading this when Mommy’s old and wrinkly, know that you give Daddy and I much much happiness and we definitely wish this kind of happiness for everyone in this world. You lighten up our day everyday and make us want to be better people in all aspects. May Allah bless you and protect you in your life journey and please grow up to be a wonderful man. Whether or not you choose to become a rich online entrepreneur genius billionaire (as I always joke with you), my ultimate wish is Jannah for you, my son.