September 12, 2013

I haven’t been blogging much lately simply because I have no time now! I’m back to work now and handling projects and meetings again so a lot of my daytime goes there. When I’m done with those, I rush back to see my Daniel and I pretty much have my hands full once Daniel’s with me. By the end of the night, I’m just so tired I sleep the moment I get a chance. Because in 3 hours time, Daniel will wake up hungry. And everytime at 5 am, he will wake up with big wide eyes ready to start his day. Why are you such a morning person?! *cries*

Fuuhhh motherhood is no joke. No wonder Islam places a huge emphasis on mothers and how you must treat your mother nicely.

When I look at Daniel smile, I just melt and the fatigue just goes away for a while. I guess this is what they say a mother’s love is. It knows no boundaries. Daniel is just so cute smiling and giggling at 3 am with me that I want this moment to freeze for a while. I love him with all my heart and I worry about him constantly when I’m not with him.

I hope he’ll grow up and still look at me with those same eyes, all big and filled with joy and contentment. I feel sad when I hear people being mean to their moms, because I know now how much love a mom has for their kids and how much sacrifice she makes when they’re small. (I’m sure dads do too! Too bad this blog owner is a mom so she’s biased. Haha.)

So this is just a shoutout to my mom who also woke up every 3 hours to a crying me yet still forgives me for all the bad things I’ve done.

I love you, Mommy.