FashionValet for Downy Parfum launch

September 5, 2013

After months of working on this, finally the FashionValet for Downy collection was launched with a glamorous event hosted by Downy. The team was so psyched some of us skipped a few hours of office work to see this come to life. The video montage was shot, the backdrop was ready, the samples were in, the models were fitted, the guests have rsvped, everything was all set!

But of course… this all had to happen during my confinement.

I was pretty bummed out when I realized I couldn’t go to the Downy x FashionValet launch and fashion show. I really wanted to see the launch with my own eyes. But I have to be honest that I was at the same time glad I couldn’t go. Walking down the runway at the end would’ve been horrific for me. Pretty sure I would’ve tripped. Haha.

But I was keeping track of what’s going on from afar. Kept annoying the FV team to make sure it was all going as planned. There were a few teething issues as there would normally be with any big event. We also had some production issue with the samples and my goshhh some even came a day before the event so there wasn’t enough time to alter anything! I was freakinggggg out!! Drama drama drama….

Thank God it all went smoothly in the end.

I was constantly on whatsapp with my sil, who was also there. Kept bugging her to send me pictures and describe everything that was going on. It started off with a video featuring celebrities talking about scent and its benefits, something I definitely believe in. Not all perfumes come in a bottle, and now it comes in the form of fabric conditioners! We all deserve to have that luxurious scent on our clothes and it can now happen with Downy Msytique.

Then, the fashion show started accompanied by the song “Black & Gold”, which I thought was very apt considering the colour palette I chose for this collection. The show went by quickly but Kim managed to get a good shot of the end where the models come out holding the sleek Downy Mystique bottle with reps from both FV and Downy (as seen at the top of this post).

Despite my absence, I was happy to know the fashion show was elegant and mysterious, in line with Downy Mystique.

I was even happier to know we had a pretty awesome turnout.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2013 Carey Ng

Hanis Haizi and Iza Hamid

Shea Rasol, Hasanah Hilmi and Raja Nadia Sabrina

Hunny Madu

Fadzarudin Anuar and Yasmin Johan Soh

Shea Rasol, Safrina Husin & Delia Yahya

Sazzy Falak

Ami Schaheera


 Thank you to everyone who came to give support!


The collection preview will be out soon and the whole collection will be available on FV sometime in September. I don’t want to reveal them all yet, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, have you guys checked out the nearest supermarket yet? The luxurious Downy Mystique is now available for purchase so give it a try today!

There’s also something for you: Buy Downy above RM 20 and you stand a chance to win the whole collection (ALL 12 PIECES IN YOUR SIZE) of FashionValet for Downy. That’s thousands of ringgit worth!

Get yours today!