glam shoot bts

September 18, 2013

Photoshoot with one of my fav local magazines, GLAM. The last time I did a shoot with them, it was also a group shoot and all 10 girls wore Burberry jackets (quite heartbroken when I had to bid farewell to it haha). It was an edgy sepia concept which was so cool. This time, they wanted a futuristic concept. Think blue lipstick and purple eyeshadow kind of thing. For me, the art director chose a pale look (phewww thank god!). Cannot wait to see how the pictures will turn out.

Glamorous.. Haha.

With make up guru, Sheng Saw.

I was thrilled to be paired with Lisa for hair and makeup.

I was telling Asma’ I would love to wear that gold jacket. Cray cray.

She beat me to it. -__-

Like my new colour? Bahaha.

Snap snap time.

And my favourite picture of all…

Bahahaha. You can guess which noob put the sunnies on me.

I swear this is how they make you put on and take off the clothes. Obviously the clothes are super expensive so make up stains are just not cool.

The stupid thing is.. I actually smiled for this picture. *facepalm*