my new photographer

September 23, 2013

So I was at my parents’ last weekend.

And I was so happy to see my dad. You have nooo idea how hard it is for his own daughter to catch a glimpse of him because he’s so busy I have to make an appointment to even hug him. -___-“

Ok.. gotta see mood first… if bad mood, I’m going upstairs. Bahaha.

He was in his kain sarong, just chilling with his hot drink having a laugh with my mom in the kitchen.


So I skipped to him, turned on my youngest daughter charm and gave him a hugeeee peck on the cheek.

“So daddyyyy…. whatcha doinnnn?”

“What do you want?”

A cheeky smile crept on my face.


Guess what I made him do….








Take my picture, of course!


We had so much fun, ok!

“No, nooooo… you gotta take it THIS way…” showing the horizontal sign. “Come on, daddy, focus!”

There was a lot of instructions given to my dad haha, but mannnn, I love his pictures! Not bad for an old man, no?

I also have a picture of him in kain sarong and selipar jepun bending down to take my leg shots but I shall keep that for when I need something from him.

Sigh, I just can’t help it la.

Daddy’s girl for life.

(Wearing a blouse from THESUT, pants from Calvin Klein and zebra heels from Kiss & Tell <3 FV)