September 4, 2013

Dean and I were on a plane recently and with Daniel around, we were more fussed over him than anything else. It was Daniel’s first plane ride. Are his socks on? Is the blanket wrapped around properly? Are his ears going to hurt from the change in pressure? Did he poop? Did we lock our luggage? Oh crap, did we bring enough diapers? Dean and I looked like crap obviously, hair out of place and all. Welcome to parenthood.

 When we settled on the plane, Daniel, the angel that he is, fell asleep the entire flight. So his parents, exhausted and sleepy, just wanted to rest and have some quiet peace while we stare adoringly at our son.

 Suddenly, I heard clapping noises. I turned to my left where the noise was coming from.

 Oh god.

 We’re seated next to newlyweds.

 And they’re holding hands and tapping them together in a loving manner. Ugh, get a room and go high five there. I never realized how annoying newlyweds are. If I was ever like that with Dean, kick me.

 Ok, I told myself, just ignore them and try to close your eyes.

 Obviously I couldn’t. I kept stealing glances at them who were now staring into each other’s eyes and smiling widely, oblivious to the rest of us on a plane. They were really not bothering anyone and just minding their own business, but at the time, I thought them staring into each other’s eyes was the rudest thing in the world. Look at her and her newly put henna on her fingers. Annoying.

 It wasn’t enough that they were trying to make songs by tapping each other’s hands, now they were giggling and the guy was saying something softly to her that made her laugh. WHAT’S SO FUNNY, SHARE IT WITH THE REST OF US.

 I realized after a while, this was pure jealousy. Bahahaha. That used to be Dean and I on the plane when we first got married too.

 So umm I turned to Dean. What, we’re married and in love too. He can tap my hands and I can giggle and stuff.

 I lifted my hand gently, signaling for him to catch it and rub my fingers lovingly with his thumb.

 Dean looked at my hand and looked back at me.

 “What?” he asked.


 Ish. I rest my case.