one of the many “bests”

September 6, 2013

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Sometimes I worry if Dean and I won’t be able to provide for our little family. Sometimes I wonder what if we’re unable to give Daniel the best things in life like how our parents gave us. Sometimes I think about Daniel’s future and pray to God that He will help us give this little guy a good life.

Wearing Coffee & Covet earrings and Kiss & Tell <3 FV heels.

There’s just so much to think about when we want to plan the best for Daniel. The best school, the best college, the best insurance, the best healthcare, the best foundation to becoming the man he will grow up to be. So many “bests” la!

But I’m glad that we can cross off one “best” from our list.

The best bio-insurance from Cellsafe.

Remember I blogged about them before I gave birth?

It was all very easy during the day. They took a sample of my blood before I gave birth. Then after Daniel came out, they took the blood from the umbilical cord and the doctor settled everything. The doctor was very familiar with the process so I didn’t have to worry at all. At the end of it, they just gave me back the case with all the blood packed securely and reminded me to call Cellsafe to inform.

In less than an hour, Cellsafe people came to pick it up and voila, Daniel now has his stem cells stored with Malaysia’s leading cord blood stem cell banking company.

(Cellsafe recently received the Superbrand status in 2013)

Before handing us the case, the midwife told me “Actually not many Malays do the cord blood stem cell. Why ah?”

We really need to educate our peers about the importance of cord blood stem cell. It can only be done during delivery, only one chance to potentially save our children’s lives! So once we miss the window, we miss the window.

It’s really sad that some people who get cancers such as leukemia can’t be treated with stem cell transplant because they can’t find suitable donors. Among racial-minority patients the number who cannot find suitable donors is about 95 percent. Cord blood can help treat conditions amongst ethnic groups since blood stem cell types are inherited, just like skin and eye colour. A patient is more likely to find a matched donor from within their own ethnic group. You can read more here –>

Of course cord blood stem cells can’t cure everything! But the list of diseases treatable by them is growing. In 1980’s, only 1 patient was treated by them, but now 75 diseases are treatable by the cells and nearly 6,000 families have been helped! In the past 20 years, more than 20,000 patients have used their cord blood stem cells to treat leukemia and blood disorders in children.

It’s a modern day miracle, these cord blood steam cells.

Docs have also used skin stem cells to grow new epidermis layers and these are used on patients with severe burns! Of course we don’t hope for this to happen to anyone, but it’s always better to have back-up. Allah sets our path so we should tawakal, but He also sees if we’ve done enough in the usaha and doa department.

If you’re expecting, start discussing with hubs if this is something you guys might want to consider. Cellsafe has different packages for different budgets, so see if any suits you.

Visit their website here –>