our ice cream

September 29, 2013

This ice cream is so hard to find! It’s the block ice cream with soft cake sandwiching it. When I saw this at a nearby supermarket, I stocked up like mad. Shock of my life when it was scanned at the counter. RM 9 for ONE *drops jaw*. Errr… probably should’ve thought to check the price before taking like 10.

You don’t understand how special this ice cream is in my life. It’s because that’s the ice cream Toots and I grew up with. Not only is it the yummiest ice cream ever, it has also brought us so much memories growing up together. We knew how much the other liked the ice cream so we’d buy 2 and wait till we met to eat them together. (Sharing was a silly option!)

I don’t know if you already know but Toots and I have been best friends since small. In about 4 years, we would be best friends of 20 years. That’s really something!

I saw a picture of us when we were in school and felt all nostalgic. Man… how we have grown. At the time the picture was taken, we had no idea what the future held and working at a big corporation or becoming an entrepreneur was probably the least of our concerns. I remember we had countless sleepovers together and we’d cheekily stay up till 2 am to talk about “life”. What did we know about life back then? Haha. We have a tradition to always have a sleepover on the eve of our birthdays and that tradition is dying since I’m married. Dean did say he’ll respect the tradition and let me do that still, but I have a feeling he will check in to the hotel room next to ours. Hashtag clingy husband.

I’m just so proud of the two of us. Through thick and thin, we stayed tight and we always made the effort to update each other on our lives. It gets increasingly harder as our workload gets heavier and as we have family commitments, but we have a new thing now; we whatsapp each other a picture of our lunches everyday just so we know the other is alive and eating well. Of course, I’m the better one at this sending her my carbonara and my mee kari and whatnot; that girl is too busy to even eat! I might need to send an anonymous email to her boss one day.

The Toots in my life and the Maksu in Daniel’s life… ahhh, she’s getting married in three months. I pray that this man will take good care of her and make her happy because goshhh… does she deserve happiness! She is a wonderful human being who only has good thoughts of people, always wanting to be a better Muslim and putting others before her is a norm in her personality. A good daughter, a good sister, a good aunt, an ok-ish friend… and now she’s going to be an amazing wife. May Allah make it easy for them and grant them happiness always.

(I will still make him sign a contract to respect our sleepover tradition.. can’t trust these men fully  -___-“)