polka dot me

September 30, 2013

Wearing a jacket from SPOTLIGHT.

I’m not a big polka dot fan, but when I saw this jacket I was just itching for it. There’s something about the design (SPOTLIGHT has the coolest outerwear for me), and the incorporation of suede as part of the fabric that I thought was quite different and clever. To style this, I had no choice but to belt it since I’m so petite it almost ate me. And it became a little bit peplum since the fabric is not the soft and flowy kind. All in all, I like ittttt. There’s also stripes, go and see if this is your kind of thing.

Kim and I were having fun to take these shots… until a cat came and we both screamed and jumped out of fear. We are both terrified of cats. You think they’re cute and tame and all, but any animal with teeth… I won’t trust.

So we sacrificed Kim’s slipper.