sofina 2 launches

September 2, 2013

Yep, I was discussing Sofina 2 with local bag brand, Sometime.

The Sofina was a huge hit and even with 4 restocks, they all sold out on the same day. Some even collected all colours! It was amazing. You guys are so amazing for supporting the local bag and even tagging it. I made a collage of some that I saw on instagram.

This time, we took all your feedbacks and went back to design process to come up with The Sofina 2. We wanted to update the Sofina and we came up with a more compact look with a bit more sophistication and style. It doesn’t go too far from Sofina, so it has all the characteristics that Sofina has; can be worn multi-ways, can fit a laptop, has detachable straps and is affordable (RM 169).

What’s special about Sofina 2 is that it plays with studs (non-sharp ones, don’t worry!) and it comes with TWO STRAPS; one is fully studded for the stylish look, and one is plain for a more casual look. Whatever suits your mood that day!

Launching TODAY at 10 AM on FV.