the V word

September 24, 2013

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Us Asian women.

Wearing a top from Mizz Demeanor

Sex isn’t a word to be said in public and heaty movie scenes are furiously forwarded when parents are in the room. Which is obviously good but sometimes, it hinders us from gaining knowledge.

Especially good knowledge.

For example, knowledge on our V.

Now, your parents are not here on this blog. So let’s all say it together.

Va. Gi. Na.


As much as we’re shy about our intimates, we NEED to learn how to take good care of it. It is extremely important and someone has to say it.

Admittedly, I’m one of those people at the pharmacy who looks around, grabs the intimate wash bottle and zooms to the counter all red-cheeked. I didn’t want to bump into your mom’s kepoh friend, while holding something for your vagina!

But after giving birth and going through vaginal shock, I’ve never taken better care of it until now! I learned so much about it (Nice to meet you, Kegels!) and as I plan to have more children, I will never ignore it. You really never appreciate something until it has 30 stitches on them (bahaha ok I exaggerate).

Look, we can be shy beings. I think that’s good and respectable. But let’s keep our parts clean, fresh and happy. If we can keep our hair, our clothes and our face clean… we should definitely keep our down there clean too and not attract vaginal infections. Ouch.


Clean it with the right products.

I chose this because well… let’s face it, it’s the most famous one. It’s the number 1 brand in Malaysia and for our intimates, we really have to be careful what brand we choose. Lactacyd is proven to be safe for daily use and trusted by women for over 25 years already! And because I have sensitive skin, I find that Lactacyd does a good job in not aggravating or irritate.

For me, I’m pretty happy with the green one; Lasting Freshness. But I’m thinking of changing to Revitalize now that I’m getting old. Bahaha.

Watch these V-ebisodes by Lactacyd. I learned quite a good deal about our female friend and how to treat her well. Can you imagine caring about our clothes, our hair and our make up… yet having a V that smells like a fish. Yuck!

(Plus, the narration and graphics are just too cool. I watched ALL of the v-episodes, I kid you not.)

Lactacyd is having a Love Your V campaign and they’re giving away FREE SAMPLES!! Just join their VIP club to get them. Click here –>

If you’re a first timer who’s doubtful of getting this product, just get a free sample first and see how it goes! You won’t be the only one who’ll be happy….

You’re welcome, husbands!

I’ve also read about it recently in CikEpal’s blog and turns out there’s much more things we don’t really know about feminine wash! Such an eye opener!

To find out more about Lactacyd products, visit their website here –>