thursday 26 sept

September 24, 2013

You know the feeling when you’re just nervous whenever you’re launching a big project? No matter how nice it is and how many followers you have, you just never really know if your project will be successful. Everything might be in place in preparation; pre, during, post, but as human beings, the nerves will always be there.

That’s how I felt when FV launched in 2010, that’s how I felt with Designers <3 FV collaborations, that’s how I felt when Sofina bags launched and again, that’s how I’m feeling leading up to Thursday. Even if everything goes amazing each time, you can’t help but worry.

Thursday 26 September is the day my black and gold collection for Downy launches.


This ad has been playing on TV and in the online world, did you manage to see it?

Shooshh about my water retention-ness. I was 9 months pregnant at the time ok! Hehe.

Everything is going smoothly; the promotion, the preparation, the production… now we just await the launch. I’m so excited!