all that mattered

October 7, 2013

You know who helped me get confidence to don the headscarf?

(Note that I didn’t say hijab. Because I know I’m still far from wearing the proper proper hijab.)

This little boy right here.

I’m wearing Hidy headscarf, a blouse from Fashioncents, pants from Dressing Paula, heels from Kiss & Tell <3 FV.

I was trying on the headscarf in my room in front of the mirror. Ok it’s done. Now time to meet the son.

I was quite nervous to see his reaction just in case he doesn’t recognize his mom and won’t want me.

Ok bismillah bismillah…

He was lying down on his jungle gym playmate just staring at the funny-looking colourful lion.

“Hi, Daniel…..” I went to him with my usual smile.

He turned to me.

And there it was.

A hugeeeeeee smile when he looked at me.

He likes my new look, I assured myself.

My heart just sighed with relief as I picked him up, twirled him around and listened to his giggle.

Sigh… my son is amazing.