balcony moment

October 14, 2013

I think at whatever age I’ll be, I’ll still enjoy my girly time with my close girlfriends. I’ll still love goofing around with them, taking selfie shots with them, pouting at the camera with them (I give myself till 30 ok, then it doesn’t become cute anymore), going through their closets and declaring some items mine. We don’t meet up often, but when we do, it’s real quality time can’t-remember-my-husband’s-name kind of thing. Haha. Those few hours out of the month are just for them solely to catch up on each other’s lives.

So last weekend, we were at a friend’s place. They were talking about some stuff but Asma’ and I lost focus and took pictures on the balcony. How can we not? I meannnnn like really, it’s too beautiful out there.

Bye guys, gonna make a move now.


Sunnies, bag, smiling on the balcony… ummm what, you guys don’t do this?

Cardigan from Cotton On, jumpsuit by Mirror Mirror Boutique, bag and sunnies stolen from Sazu.