from heaven with love

October 15, 2013

I got a few offers to do a maternity shoot when I was pregnant but I was pretty shy about it. Cupping my hands underneath the bump as if it was going to fall (seriously why do so many women hold it from the bottom?!), looking down to smile at the bump while secretly chewing Gaviscon in my mouth… maybe not really my thing. I love Daniel with all my heart Masyaallah and I thank Allah swt for bringing him into our lives, but I’m not going to lie. God knows that I am definitely not a posterchild for pregnancy. I have so much respect for pregnant women after having gone through it. Growing a life inside you and sucking up all the sleepless nights to hang out with the toilet bowl while holding up your hair to puke… it’s no wonder a mother is put on a pedestal in God’s eyes.

Anyway, recently Kim insisted we do a photoshoot for Daniel. I said yes simply because (a) she is so talented, and (b) I see her in the office everyday so I needed to shut her up.

After seeing the pictures, I was moved to tears with God’s greatest gift for me.

I would highly recommend a newborn photoshoot for all your babies! These members of heaven are just so beautiful no photoshop is needed.

Thank you, Kim for these amazing, amazing photos! I’m forever grateful.