fun in the sun

October 22, 2013

FV generally doesn’t participate in bazaars simply because we concentrate a lot on the online space and to come offline for a day, it’s so much work. Seriously, the amount of work loading and unloading… fuuhhh, much much respect to brands who participate!

But Churpout is an event we always support so we thought why not just enjoy the day and open a small booth. And indeed, we had loads of fun in the sun (well, and the rain too that decided to pay a visit). Photobooth, Korean fried chicken, ice cold lemonade, bungee flying whatnot, beanbags, clothes, free goodies, kites, what’s not to love! Wish we had more of these kinds of events that I could bring Daniel to.

Looking forward to Churpout 2014!

Me with what I love. (And one menyibuk photo bomber)

Wearing a denim shirt from Milktee and striped pants from Skelly, both at FV.