got it from my momma

October 1, 2013

Wearing a printed blazer from new designer Eggie Azmanย and earrings from Minz,ย at FV.ย 

I get so nervous everytime we have to go to the doctor and Daniel has to get his vaccination jab. I don’t want to see him in pain. *cries*

When we got there, there was a family of siblings and they all had their jabs done too. Except their eldest brother who looks about 9 or 10. He was wailing and screaming and kicking things. I’ve never seen anything quite like it. His mom and nanny were trying to catch him, but he was running everywhere in the doctor’s clinic, even trying to hide in a little playhouse. Angry tears were streaming down his cheeks and his level of crying was worrying. He was really really scared. And I don’t blame him! I’m terrified of needles too, so hey, who am I to judge?

All the nurses and even the doctor were just like la-la-la doing their own thing, even with the screams that were going on in the room. Dean and I had the new parents stamps on our foreheads because we literally had the gobsmacked-mouth-open situation going on. Never seen anything quite like it! We kept looking at Daniel to see if he was affected by the screaming and crying, but he was pretty cool just staring at the boy as if judging him. Oh my son!

Anyway, the boy survived the jab and eventually kept quiet after telling his mom he hated her.

When it was our turn, the doctor did the usual; measure his height, his head circumference, his weight and checked his man parts. Daniel looked up at the doctor, examined his face and just let out a big smile. He was smiling throughout the examination. Then… then, the doctor took out the needle and said Bismillah. My heart pounded and I turned away leaving Dean to watch. I can’t watch the needle going in. The last jab, he was asleep. This time, he was fully awake and conscious.

I looked at Daniel’s face. He was still smiling probably thinking what a nice doctor this is. Suddenly he was expressionless for a nanosecond… then his face scrunched up and his mouth quivered while still looking at the doctor. And there it was… a hugeeeee scream. WAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!!

I think I screamed a little too. Haha.

In the car, I was beaming with pride. “Hey, you know doctor said his height is above average and so are his brains. Big brains, this one!” I told Dean.

“Wonder where he got it from,” Dean chuckled obviously indicating it came from him.

“He got it from Mommy….” I sighed happily and got lost in Daniel’s eyes while I stared adoringly at him.