he’s my son too

October 30, 2013

I took of my headscarf at home and Dean immediately came to me.

He examined my face my face closely.

One hand reached up slowly to my face.

Awww he wants to be sweet and loving.

I smiled.

He grazed my cheeks and gently touched my ears.

And he rubbed my ear with two fingers.

This is weird, but err… ok.

He took out his other hand and touched my other ear.

Rubbed the back of my ear with his fingers.

Then he rubbed the back of his own ears.

And a huge smile crept on his face.

“Yep, I knew it!” He said so excitedly.

“Knew what?” I asked, confused.

“The back of Daniel’s ears are exactly like the back of my ears,” he said and turned around beaming with pride.

“The.. the back of.. wow…” I was speechless.

First he discovered the nails. Now it’s back of ear. This is… so so sad. Sad on a whole other level. Think we need to cut down on the jokes about Daniel not looking like Dean, guys. Haha!

Ok yes Daddy, the back of my ears are exactly like yours!