ice ice baby

October 16, 2013

It’s been soooo hot lately in KL and I have stopped drinking hot drinks simply because just looking at the steam makes me sweat. Everything is ice, ice, ice… which is bad, but any other way just won’t do for me.

Since I’m a kitchen goddess now (what, you mean you haven’t seen my roast potatoes of perfection?), I thought I’d share this awesome invention I found at the supermarket.

Ice cubes that fit into our bottles!

It’s annoying when I leave my bottled ice tea out on the table for a long time and it turns into the suam. I don’t have time to put it back into the fridge when I have to leave the house and I can’t use the normal square ice cubes as they’re too big. That’s why I appreciate simple but necessary inventions like these. All I have to do is pop a bunch of these ice cubes as they fit nicely into the mouth of the bottle.

Crap, now I’m thirsty.