October 17, 2013

I’m trying to adjust to my new look, working my way to wearing the hijab. In my head, I’d be wearing a lot of nice pants with long sleeved blouses. So I was all set for it. Then when I went through my closet, I realised most of my long sleeved blouses were sheer!! They were beautiful, some printed, some studded, some embellished… I long to wear them, but lo and behold, they were sheer. Sheesh kebabs.. So till I buy myself some long sleeved inner tops, I shall stick to my blazers and cardigans. Which I think is also a good for a more sophisticated look. Awesome for my meetings with designers and investors.

I realise I have so many blazers and outerwear that I have been collecting over the years. It was pretty nice to go through my closet and finding old things I haven’t worn in a while. Makes the pain of losing some gorgeous yet “sexier” clothes much bearable. Hehe. Black, blue, white, pink, my blazers are making a comeback to see the sun now.

I was in the purple zone when I saw my beautiful Sofina 1 looking at me. Come on, now, pick me up, dear owner. Oh, alright! Hehe. I had a lot of enquiries as to whether we’re going to restock the Sofina 1. Unfortunately we’re not! Time to move on to Sofina 2, ladies! I like this purple colour so much, I’m considering this colour for the second batch of colours of Sofina 2.

What colour would you like to see on Sofina 2?

Wearing lilac blazer from Dressing Paula, high waisted pants from Skelly, scarf from Mukaa and plain black heels from Kiss & Tell, all of them from FV