my penthouse

October 5, 2013

I think when wanting to be a better Muslim, who you surround yourself with plays a hugeeeee role. I have parents who adhere to religion, my best friends are constantly searching for Islamic knowledge and my colleagues pray together in the office everytime. The biggest challenge for me was to don the headscarf and if you’ve been following this blog, you’d know my struggle with that. It was hard for me to make the change and I had all sorts of reasons; love my hair, love my clothes, difficult to be in fashion industry, husband might not find me attractive, media and advertisers might not support it… so many things which mattered to me and my career.

I will share my story when I’m ready. For now it’s still too early.

But here’s a conversation I can share from our AVA group chat.

Toots: Ok show us your outfit today!

Me: Wait, I’m still in my towel. Btw, tea today yeah?

Asma‘: Yeah, but pick me up ok? I’m at Al-Kauthar course.Β 

Toots: Ok I’ll pick you up. Ok gtg, I’m late for my Dhuha.Β 

Me: You guysss!! Satu Al-Kauthar, satu Dhuha… and here I am still figuring out what to wear. Sighhh, I’m so behind! Heaven ground floor pun jadi la.

Asma‘: Haha dude, don’t worry you just got a whole lot of good deeds deposited into your Jannah account. Old sins turn into good deeds when you repent.

Me: Whoaa are you serious? That’s a lot of good deeds for me! Alright then, I guess you can visit me in the top floor penthouse.Β 


Wearing a headscarf from Tudung Sisters at FV.Β 

Please take this conversation lightly, this is how we joke but it’s all to motivate us to be better people. See what I mean about having good examples around you? You’re constantly reminded that you can do even better. And that applies everywhere in your life; religion, education, career, relationships with people. Never think we’ve worked the hardest in the office, never think we’ve loved our family enough, never think we’ve sought enough knowledge. There’s always something more we can do.