operation planning begins

October 30, 2013

You guys remember my awesome bridal shower thrown by Toots and Asma’ right? Of course I was so elated and sooo happy that I get excited looking at the old photos. I was thinking Mannn I have such amazing best friends who threw me this amazing party, it’s unreal.

Well, here’s the catch.

Pretty soon, they’ll get married too. And guess who has to plan the bridal shower?

You, my friend… you.

Toots is getting married in a couple of months and  as maids of honour, we were dragged had to step up to the plate.

So Operation Planning has begun with the first meeting.

Crap. We look like we’re not working on the planning. Toots might see this.

Look serious, dude, look serious.


We were sooo into the planning and not mucking about at all, Toots!


Wearing a blazer from Dressing Paula, Zara pants (both of us were wearing Zara AND the same colour too -__-), Prada tote and nude heels from Kiss & Tell <3 FV.