roll over

October 3, 2013

The sucky part about being a working parent is that you will miss a lot of firsts. First smile, first step, first giggle, first lots of things. I knew that this was going to happen when I started work again, so I was prepared mentally.

Came home yesterday from work.

“Oh, he rolled over today!!!” the people at the house said.

I could feel blood rushing to me… gulped a bit of my saliva… breathed calmly.

“Oh really?” my voice croaked.

“Yeah! From his back to his front. It was so cute.”

My nostrils were flaring and my ears felt hot.. it must not have been attractive.

“How wonderful to have seen that,” I smiled through my gritted teeth.

Brought Daniel into the room and put him on the bed on his back. Those two eyes just staring intently at me… he was just so cute I almost cried.

“Ok now, sweetie… you can do it for mommy.”

He blinked at me, his two hands coming together and he clasped them clumsily in front of his chest.

“Come on now… roll over, Daniel. Mommy wants to see!”

He giggled and cooed at me.

“Roll… Over… Lahhhhh….”

After a few seconds, I rolled him over and called it a day.

Sighhhh… I knew this was going to happen so I guess it’s ok, but it still sucked. Boo. Guess I have to accept that I will be missing more firsts when I’m in the office. Oh well, I was there when he first came out into the world. No one can beat that. So there! Hmmpphh!