vintage surau

October 18, 2013

Ever since my grandfathers passed away years ago, my grandmothers came to live with us in KL till their very last day. So I haven’t been back to our kampung for soooo long. I remember the old times we had during Raya, running around with relatives going from house to house to collect duit raya. Back then, people would give 10 cents and when I get 50 cents, the makcik would tell me not to spread the word. Haha. Us kids would gather to count each coin, buy some ice cream with it, and that was the highlight of all our Raya’s.

Dean’s grandparents are the only living grandparents we have now, so sometimes I get to feel the kampung environment again. Little cousins running around, the ladies would gather in kain batiks and gossip, the men would be outside either smoking or telling off the others for smoking, Atuk would be in the surau, Nenek would be on the floor in the kitchen preparing the food to cook. It’s so nice to have this feeling every once in a while. I’m definitely a city girl and my only jungle is the concrete jungle, but I do appreciate times like these when we can hear birds chirping…. as long as the birds don’t come near me….

Anyway, in the kampung, there’s this little quaint surau where the whole neighborhood gathers, and I couldn’t help but admire the vintage-ness of it all.

On a related note, may I present to you the best ice cream ever.

Anyone know where I can buy the plastics? I am feeling ambitious and wanting to make these myself at home in my concrete jungle.