want a drink?

October 20, 2013

SIL and I were at a wedding recently when one of our friends was discussing wives in Islam. How easy it is for a Muslim wife to go to heaven, as long as she abides by the basic Islamic rules and take good care of her husband. If your husband is happy with you, off to heaven you go, sister! And for those not married yet, the people you have to suck up to are your parents. As long as they love us and forgive us everyday for all the crap we give them as kids, we’re good to go (I love you, Daddy and Mommy).

That’s the beauty of Islam; promoting love and peace even from the home. Whenever I get upset with Dean over the smallest things, I always think no no… that’s the devil talking. Life’s too short to pick fights, plus we have so much fun together it’s a waste of life to not enjoy it. Who needs drama, really?

Our friend was saying that even serving your husband a glass of water equals to like a gazillion pahalas.

And the whole table started asking their husbands if they’d like a drink.

Including me.


So SIL and I were whatsapping the other day, and she asked, “So have you given Dean a glass of drink today?”

“Crap, I forgot!” 

Then I remembered Toots and Asma’ telling me that even if you touch your husband with love, your minor sins just disappear one by one.

“Oh ok wait, I’ll touch him.”

And I sent her this picture.






“There, going to heaven!”

Hehe. Can’t blame a girl for trying, huh? Now go and do the same to your husbands/moms/dads.

I’m obviously joking, but hope you guys see the message of this post; be nice to your husband and parents!