what will you be

October 8, 2013

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When we’re alone and Daniel’s just staring at me with those big eyes, I sometimes wonder what is going through his head. Does he know I’m his mom? Does he love me? You know, questions that carry a big “YES” answer. Haha… I wish!

The other day, he got his first mosquito bite and I almost fainted. I couldn’t believe that he was bitten and I wanted to kill all the mosquitoes in the world. After Dean calmed me down, I realized I have become one of those moms; the moms who can’t see their children hurt. I guess it’s ok, but if I become too extreme, Daniel can’t grow and be a macho man!

I need to let him fall, I need to let him cry, I need to allow him to be exposed to some germs… I’m sure it will break my heart many times along the way, but I need to remember that it’s all to let him toughen up and become a SUPER child!

I asked Daniel, “So baby, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

I gave him a few suggestions and I swear he twitched his lips a bit when I said “A rich and handsome award-winning online entrepreneur genius prodigy.”

I knew it!! That’s my boyyyy.

That pretty much made my whole day. #crazymom

But come on… every mom wants their children to grow up to be the best they can be.

And the key is to let them be exposed to many different areas in life. Nestle has come up with this contest NAN GROW 3 “Wanted: SUPER Kids” to let us do just this. Our children can get a money-can’t-buy experience, allowing them to experience and train with real pilots, artists and chefs. Fun, huh!!

The winners will get to be in an art workshop conducted by the super duper talented Ernest Zacharevic.

One of his work in Georgetown, Penang. Picture taken from his website

They’ll also get to be in an aircraft tour (briefing from Firefly pilots), trying out a flight simulator and hang out with Wondermama chefs to prepare a simple meal which might include grocery shopping, meal preparation and presentation….

Moms will never have to cook anymore. Bahaha.

 Give your children a chance to experience this! How? Simply log on to Nestle’s Facebook application here –> http://www.nestle.com.my/nangrow3superkids

Contest period: 1 – 31 October 2013.