daniel at 4 months

November 10, 2013

4 months old, baby!!

And you’re such a happy baby, Masyaallah!!

Haha jokesssss.

You’re quite the grumps, actually, especially around new people. A bit like Daddy.

Now you are alert with the world, always amazed when you see new places or new people. You kind of just stare at them with confused eyes and opened mouth. It’s not very attractive, darling. You like to reach out for things nowadays, and you get quite angry when you can’t seem to move your body towards them. And when you do manage to grab them, you will always always put them in your mouth. Anything you find! Your blanket, my finger, your finger, a stranger’s finger, tissue paper, your teething toys, and your favourite of all, my beautiful designer handbags. *cries* As much as I’m impressed that you have expensive taste, gotta tell you, sweetheart, my handbags don’t like you very much.

Best of all, you recognize people now. Your parents, your grandparents, your aunties and uncles. Sometimes you choose to ignore them, including me, but there are times when you can hold eye contact for a few seconds until you get bored of our faces. You can even giggle! Gosh, Daniel, your giggle lights up my whole day! It’s just so cute. But somehow you only do that with Daddy. You’ve never giggled with me. To make myself feel better, I tell myself that’s only because Daddy’s face is funny.

I have to admit you seem to enjoy your Daddy time more than anyone else and you always turn your head when you hear Daddy’s voice, but it’s ok. I know I’m still your favourite because you said “Mama” the other day. Well, it was more of a mmmmm…a…mmmmm, but I totally got your signal, baby boy.

Daniel and Mommy forever.

Wearing a pink blazer from House of Doll at FV.ย