fv turns 3

November 16, 2013

FashionValet turns 3 today.

Sigh, where do I begin with my emotions?!

I’m feeling happy, excited, nostalgic.. a huge mix in the Vivy’s Feelings of the Hour bowl. But you know, most of all, I’m feeling super super grateful. To God, first and foremost for all the rezeki He’s given us at FV. To our mix of designers for being our backbone. And to our customers, who are really the ones powering us to keep us alive. May God bless each and everyone of you because whether you know it or not, you’re helping this Malaysian company realise their vision and dreams. I still remember our very first day launching the website, Asma’ and I were in the office holding hands all the time updating Dean (who at the time still hadn’t left his consultant job). The three of us were full of hope, waiting for even one order to come in. Oh, how we’ve grown from this date, exactly three years ago.

Because of you, we’re still expanding healthily after 3 years. It’s definitely not easy, the e-commerce industry (but then again, nothing is easy!). Big competitors, small competitors, pressing issues, we’ve had loads of those over the years. And thank God for Dean’s brains, my stubborn determination and the team’s spirit, we’re still one of the leading online stores in Malaysia and now growing our reach in other South East Asian countries. We have over 200 brands in Asia, the biggest pool of celebrity brands in Malaysia and the most awesome customers who always come back. And we do our jobs everyday, with lots of laughter in the office. I am so lucky to have a team of wonderful people who work very hard. Not for the glitz and glamour of the fashion world, but really to work. It’s pretty hard to find genuine people in the fashion industry and I gotta say, I’m glad Dean and I are quite picky with who we let into our FV world.

Our (first) baby is now 3 years old.

Thank you, God and I pray you keep guiding us to do the right thing.