November 11, 2013

When I saw these heels on the website, I was like homaigod so high they are perfect I need them they’ll go with everything I want now. All in one sentence. I’m a heels lover, so anything high will catch my eye (Another reason why I like to go to KLCC, ho-neyyyy. Heeee….). And the fact that they’re nude and cork-ish, they would really actually go with everything under the sun. Like really, really. They were only RM 129 and I was pleasantly surprised to find them comfortable! Seriously, awesome local brand on FV, this Gatto. I got so many enquiries about the previous military heels I got too that were from this brand Gatto. Kudos, buying team!

Heels, heels, more heels please.

P/S: Check out my new headscarf style! I love love love discovering new ways to style it, might have found a new hobby.

Wearing a peplum top from Berrybow, work pants from Dressingpaula (in brown or black), transparent bangle from Antyk Butyk and heartwood heels from Gatto, all FV.