he’s tall

November 18, 2013

This morning, Daniel went for his monthly vaccination and as usual, I was nervous for him. I absolutely hate needles so naturally I assume my 4-month old baby would hate them just as much. When the doctor jabbed him, Dean took Daniel to the table with the doctor. Me? I was sitting facing the back, head and arms hugging the chair headrest going “Dah? Dah??? Dah ke belum??” Super drama. I even covered my ears because hearing his scream would break my heart into small pieces.

Guess what!

He didn’t even make a sound!! Apparently, he just made a face (the same one he makes when I gave him iced lemon tea.. big mistake, don’t do it guys!) and his lips trembled as he looked at Dean. I’m so glad I didn’t look. My lips would have trembled faster than his.

So the doctor measured his length and weight and his head (literally) and plotted the figures onto a graph to see his development.

“Ahh, he’s tall, above average this one!”

Dean and I left the room, both grinning from ear to ear. As soon as the door closed, we both turned to each other.

“He’s tall!!!” Dean and I excitedly said to each other unanimously, high-fiving each other.

“Ughhhh, Mommy’s boyyyy!” I kissed Daniel so hard.

“Umm… you’re not tall, you realise that right?” Dean looked at me up and down.

Ish, kureng betul.

“I know la… but my dad’s dad is.. he obviously got his height from my Tok Wan,” I said as a matter of fact.

Dean whispered something in Daniel’s ears and just smiled at me. “Ok, sure.”

“What do you mean OK, SURE? My Tok Wan is super tall ok… I’m not lying.”

“Let’s face it, baby. He looks like you, fine. But he’s got a lot of my traits. He’s calm and cool, he doesn’t like to socialize, he ignores you when you ask him if you look fat in clothes, he’s not scared of needles, he likes to watch football. He’s obviously Daddy’s boy!!”

We carried on this conversation all the way to the hospital cafeteria.

“No, Daniel, you’re Mommy’s boy, aren’t you??” I pinched his cheeks.

“Sigh. It’s like this milo ais,” Dean pointed at the iced milo on the table. “Daniel’s this milo ais. You’re just the glass, I’m the milo inside. At the end of the day, people care about the milo inside. It’s all about the content and substance.”

“Eh, no need jealous can or not?!” I grabbed Daniel away from Dean and kissed him some more.

Wearing lilac blazer from dressingpaula and flats from Nelissa Hilman, from FV.