keeping it casual

November 2, 2013

Trying new headscarf styles has been super fun. The amount of ways you can style a headscarf is endless, I have just discovered. Sometimes I wear it one style and Dean likes it, then I’m like… crap, how did I do that again?

This style is super casual and is one of my favs. I remember it was such a busy day in the office and we had to help out the Orders team because we couldn’t cope with the orders. A good problem, of course! Alhamdulillah. So I didn’t have time to think about an outfit. A comfortable knit top and wide leg pants, rolled up sleeves and off I go to the warehouse.

Wearing a striped top from Free Flow, wide leg pants from new Malaysian designer Duchess & Co. (love love love the cutting!!), and a pewter headscarf from Hidy, from FV