modern romantic

November 26, 2013

Wearing a simple long sleeved white top (similar one here), volume skirt from my FV for Downy collection and Heartwood heels from Gatto, at FV.

Felt like Cinderella looking for her long-lost prince. Haha. Well, I guess this is the kind of romantic feeling you would get with this kind of skirt. Would be awesome for a date. Flowy, princess-y, pure bliss. We updated the skirt to suit current times a bit with the visible gold zipper at the back, and injected some practicality by having two side pockets. I mean, come on.. where do you think Cinderella kept her phone and her small purse? Cinderella’s got no time for clutches! She’s got to ride horses and stuff.

We had to restock The Volume Skirt a couple of times and they all sold out within the day! So now, here’s another restock for you.


From XS to XL, The Volume Skirt is available in 2 colours, gold and black.

Let’s face it. You need both colours for life to be complete.