my rant buddy

November 25, 2013

Daniel’s so funny these days. He’s more interactive now and he can hold focus for longer, so it’s a lot of fun talking to him. I heard that it’s good to talk to him like how you would with a normal adult, so guess who has been the best listener ever?

“So how was your day, Daniel?”

*stares at me with bubbles forming on his lips*

“Hmm interesting… oh, Mommy’s day? Well, I had a few meetings today and during the tech meeting, it was so funny.. bla bla bla bla..”

*eyes staring at me, then thumb slowly moves upwards and into mouth*

“… can you believe she said that, Daniel? Like please, girlfriend, learn some manners.”

*eyes looking around, lips move into a big O and finally a big yawn*

“Sheesh.. you’re so rude, Daniel. But anyway, that’s not the worst part! And then, she said…”

Daniel’s slowly but surely becoming Mommy’s new best friend. Even when I’m at work, I’m wishing he has whatsapp so I can tell him stuff. And because he’s 4 months old, I feel like somehow it’s not gossiping since it’s borderline talking to a wall who can’t understand nor care less about your stories. So less dosa. Haha.

Mommy’s boy. ย