nocturnal syndrome

November 7, 2013

Salted caramel ice cream for breakfast? Why nottttt. I deserve it! I’ve been waking up almost every hour these past few days to a clingy Daniel. People are telling me that he’s teething now and having growth spurts so expect him to be a bit grumpy. Boy, is he grumpy!

Dean and I are so sleep deprived but the good thing is that we’re up early every morning (talking 4.30 am here, guys) and Daniel won’t let us fall back to sleep anymore after that. Since we’re up so early, we have been taking the opportunity to go have early breakfast at nice breakfast places, one of them being this one. I’ve heard of Podgy and The Banker for a while now and it seems that coffee lovers line up for their signature cuppa. Caffeine makes me a big wonky, so I stay away from coffee, but a place this nice deserves a visit or two. The food choices are pretty limited and I was disappointed that they had no non-caffeine drink since it was just my luck that day that the hot chocolate was out. So ice cream it is!

Ok, gonna go back to sleep now. *rubs eyes*

Wearing my mil’s headscarf, a studded shirt from Milktee (RM 69) and army heels from Gatto (RM 99), both from FV