tarik upih

November 15, 2013 • 9 comments • 1547 views

I was inspired by this, can you tell?

Got this image from Google Images.

Not really sure how this game works, but I remember being a little girl being pulled around my late grandpa’s kampung. It was so so fun. No seat belt no nothing ok. Kampung-ites live life on the edge. And I bet you all didn’t know that the game is called Tarik Upih. *looks around* I totally knew that, Google had nothing to do with it. I felt quite proud that my whole outfit was all from local brands (and notice the Malaysian flag colours???) and the coincidence that it was there was so meant to be!


Wearing a headscarf my mil bought for me, Alexa top from SuriSara (RM 99), belt from Free Flow (sold out for now), maxi skirt from Sluoandskeq (RM 55), Sonya leather heels from MIDI (RM 269) and clutch from Sakura Malaysia (RM 109), all FV

Btw, Sakura Malaysia has a 50% off clearance sale. So go on and go crazy.