that’s not my job

November 5, 2013

One reason why Dean likes to have meetings in restaurants is that you can size up a person from how he treats a waiter. Clicking fingers or clapping hands for service, calling them with a harsh Hoi, scolding them for mistakes that the chef did; all traits that puts Dean off doing business with these people. And it’s not just about waiters. It’s everyone; maids, the handicapped, salespeople, the elderly, teachers, parents, friends, family, everyone!

I was at a mamak stall and a guy sitting next to me wiped his snot and threw his tissue under the table. What the… I didn’t realise there was an invisible dustbin following him around. I stared at him, he stared at me, I stared at the tissue, I stared at him back and kept repeating the same thing until he got squirmy and left. Yet the tissue was still there, full of his snot! You know you did something not so nice, that’s why you got uncomfortable, yet your ego still stopped you from picking up your rubbish.

I’ve met so many people who litter and say “It’s ok, if not the DBKL people won’t have much to do.” Wow, suddenly it’s your duty to give them work? Trust me, these are the same people who would be the first to complain about our dirty rivers and roadsides. Haiyo.

What happened to manners and mutual respect for each other? Those characteristics are dying. It’s scary because it’s not a subject taught in school, so when someone is rude, it really is something from the home. Parents, we must do our thang!

*Looks at Daniel… You better be a well-mannered boy… Stop burping in public*

We had a lorry load of things delivered to the office the other day. And I was so so proud when the whole FV team got up from their chairs and went to the roadside to help the two abangs. In fact, we even told the abangs to just safeguard the lorry and we’ll take it from there. Some of us unloaded the things, some of us held up the lift, some of us stacked up, some of us stopped cars to allow the others to cross the road, some of us entertained the abangs (haha). Not one single person said “That’s not my job” which I have heard loads about in other companies. When I see my team like this, I just feel so grateful to have them in my life.

Plus, if you weren’t nice to the abangs, you can’t get ootds like this…..

Wearing a jacket from dressingpaula and flats from Nelissa Hilman, both from FV