tudung mojo

November 28, 2013

Wearing Tiffany scarf from Sugarscarf at FV.ย 

I’m not kidding when I say I didn’t know why I don’t don the headscarf a long time ago. It’s really an amazing feeling covering up. Every morning I get quite excited trying to plan my outfit and which headscarf to match. I’ve never had this much fun dressing up, and even though I still haven’t perfected the hijab, it’s so nice knowing that I’m a step closer to it at least. Alhamdulillah, I think God is making it easy for me because I really don’t miss styling my hair anymore. And choosing my clothes isn’t as difficult as I made it out to be.

Now it’s all about styling the headscarf!

And I love it!

Everyday I’m experimenting new looks and I realise I have a favourite which is the one-sided headscarf (not really sure what to call it). I get a lot of comments on my Insta and blog now about doing scarf tutorials but truth be told, I can’t remember how I styled it! I watched a few scarf tutorials on YouTube, but you can never really follow a set one because it all depends on what outfit you put together. If the outfit is edgy, you want a scarf style to match. If the outfit is simple, you might want to put on a printed scarf. If the outfit is classy, you might want a more sophisticated scarf style. So it all boils down to what you wear.

It’s so amazing how every morning, I get dressed, then I wrap the cloth around my head and voila, I’ve discovered a new scarf style. Whereas, a year ago, you could give me a piece of cloth and I would be struggling in front of the mirror with pins and stuff. And in the end, I give up because no style is nice to me!

I guess it’s really true. If you do it with sincerity and you want to do it, God doesn’t just make it easy for you, He also makes it enjoyable for you. I feel so liberated and ironically, I enjoy fashion more after donning the headscarf.

But you know… you can’t have everything….

At some point in your day, reality will hit.

In my case, its name is Daniel.

Ish. Stop. Pulling.

Totally spoiling my tudung mojo, baby boy.