December 20, 2013

I don’t get sick very often but when I do, gosh, it is literally the stay-in-bed-whine-a-lot kind of situation. These last 2 days I’ve been so inactive at work and social media because I was so out of it. 38.8 degrees Celcius! I borrowed Daniel’s thermometer to constantly check my temperature that kept rising. Thankfully now, it’s all gone. Just a bit of sore throat left, but nothing bad enough to stop me from going back to work. God knows I’ve missed bossing everyone around!

My last visit to the docs, according to her record, was in 2011. And I guess in these 2 years, I have been taking health for granted with my endless junk food. These past 2 days made me realise how important health is and how we should all strive to keep a good lifestyle; good food, regular exercise, positive thinking. Since my fever was contagious, I couldn’t hold Daniel as much as I wanted to, and I never want to have that feeling ever again.

So yes, to a healthier lifestyle!

Despite feeling crappy, I still needed to dress properly. Just because you’re sick, doesn’t mean your wardrobe should be. Sometimes, dressing as if you’re going out can trick your mind to feeling better. It sure did for me! I couldn’t be bothered to wear makeup though, hence the sunnies to hide my bare eyes.


DSCF6769 DSCF6772


DSCF6785 DSCF6788


Wearing a headscarf from Rico Rinaldi and white shirt from Tengku Syahmi, both Malaysian designers available at FV. Pants from Balenciaga, shoes from Burberry and bag from Celine.