daniel’s first swim

December 9, 2013

Why are there literally no swimming costumes for 0-3 months? They wanna swim too!

We bought the 3-6 months costume for Daniel when he was about 2 months old and thought we’d keep it until he could fit it. It was so big on him and we even thought of stuffing it with his swaddles, but we decided it would be cruel to embarrass him in front of girl babies at the pool.

Now he finally fits the costume, so yayy off the pool we went.

Daniel’s first swim ever.

Dean and I were sooooo excited, pacing back and forth in the house thinking if we forgot anything. Did you get the towel? I thought you got the goggles. Wait, I forgot the camera! Did you charge the camera?? There’s no battery. Does Daniel have to wear diapers? What if he poops?

All this while, Daniel is just in his little giraffe chair, sucking his thumb while staring at the drama before his eyes i.e. The Mom and Dad show.

A few minutes later, we were at the pool, waiting anxiously for Daniel’s reaction as we dipped him into the pool. The camera was eagerly rolling to capture this joyous moment.

Well… we were all disappointed.

Daniel had no reaction. As always. He was just like this:  -______-

I could tell he loved it because he didn’t cry, but was calm and cool so he didn’t mind the water. He either cries or looks like this -___-.

But showing excitement? Nahh that’s not how my son rolls.

Tough crib, this one.