deal with it when it comes

December 25, 2013

A year and a bit ago, my inlaws didn’t have any girls in the family. Fast forward to now, not only did they get TWO girls, they also got another TWO little boys. I’m sure a lot of things have changed for them (dinners must have been so proper without food flying everywhere), but now it’s almost like “Man, what did we used to do before Alex and Daniel came into our lives?”

The two boys are a handful, indeed. Babies are super unpredictable with their moods. Sometimes we can plan their schedule (Ok, after this you are going to eat and then sleep, you hear me?) but it just doesn’t work as such. You can tell them off, of course, but you’ll just end up with a screaming baby because well, they’re babies!

Tonight was one of those nights.

We planned for Alex and Daniel to sleep throughout dinner since we tired them so much throughout the day. We got inside the car. Everyone was super hungry. Oops, Daniel poo-ed. Went back into the hotel to change his diapers while everyone waited in the car. Went out of the toilet. Ooops, Daniel puked out his green beans he ate earlier. Went back into the toilet. Washed him, washed me, while everyone waited in the car patiently.

Ok off we go.

Alex refused to sleep, only wanted to walk around curious with everything. Daniel puked out his green beans again (I’m starting to worry he’s too much like Mommy when it comes to vegetables…). Got to the restaurant and sat down. Alex peed all over my brother in law. Wiped both of them clean. Took off Alex’s drenched shorts. BIL was stuck with a big wet patch on his shirt for the rest of the night.

Daniel quickly grabbed a glass spoon on the table and dropped it on the floor. Glass broke into little pieces on the floor. Waitress was so kind about it. Daniel continued wanting to grab everything on the table.

Alex, pants-less with just his shirt and diapers, quickly grabbed a glass of carrot juice and decided to shower himself with it. Carrot juice spilled everywhere on the floor. Again, waitress was so kind about it.

At the end of the day, every single one of us laughed and shook our heads looking at the two boys. Such trouble makers, but really, they can get away with anything at this age. One smile and we’re all like Ahhhh it’s okkkk, you make everything look cute.

I remember the best parenting advice I got from a friend: Deal with it when it comes. Stop trying to plan every single thing and do not get frustrated when things or accidents happen. Just be cool and always always have enough supplies of diapers, wet wipes and change of clothes. For the baby AND for you. And always leave big tips for waiters to apologise for the mess.

DSCF6906Picture of the night