December 4, 2013

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It was 1 am. My boys aka Dean and Daniel were asleep. Me? I had some work to finish due in the morning (note to self: Can you please stop procrastinating!!!!). So it was me and my laptop. Well… and this.


Can’t work with an empty stomach, can I?

When I was waiting for my Mamee noodles to boil, I found myself smiling. There are some pictures of my university days in my kitchen. And stirring the noodles brought me back to those good times. Freaking out about exams, walking in the park with my friends, eating instant noodles, these memories will live with me forever.

Nothing beats the simple life of assignments and the best friend that helped me stay up through the night; Mamee noodles. Slurp, one paragraph done, slurp, another paragraph done, slurp.

That night, I did exactly that.

And it made me smile thinking of the past. But it made me smile even more thinking how far I’ve come.

Everything’s about upgrading your life.

If back then, Dean was a boyfriend. Now, that man is my husband. If last year, I was a wife. This year, I’m a mom too. If in school, we got pocket money from our parents. Now, we earn our own. If my first expensive bag was Guess, now I might be able to afford a better designer bag. If previously I bunked in with Mom and Dad, now I might be able to rent or own my own place. If previously I let my hair loose, now I donned the headscarf.

Everything is about progression and upgrading. And it’s definitely not to show off, but it’s a feel-good factor for your own self.

And it can even stem from something so simple like instant noodles. If previously we ate normal Mamee noodles or Mamee Monster, now we should upgrade to Mamee Chef noodles.

 The packaging in glossy black and with sophisticated flavours, it sure is an upgrade! I bought Curry Laksa and Creamy Thai Tom Yam just because those were the only ones left in store. Then when I took them out of the cupboard that night, I saw only 2 left of the Tom Yam ones! Super annoyed, who took my Mamee?!!

These new Mamee Chefs are so yummy, like having a proper meal on its own. What’s special is that they also give condiments like prawns and tauhu and all that. So no need to potong cili or daun sup or whatever, who has time for that! To have tastier noodles it’s very important to have it cooked for 3 minutes in hot boiling water.


 And within 3 minutes…. voila!

In nothing less than a Noritake, of course. Fine dining. *blows nails*

Gotta say, the feeling of eating an upgraded version of your past just makes you have a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even when it’s at 1 am and no one is awake to see you.

Find out more about Mamee Chef here.