mint tea

December 8, 2013

Wearing a ruffled jumpsuit by Nichii at FV. Love love love how the wide leg pants make legs look longer. 

I had a life-changing day today.

Ok I’m being dramatic, but I did something I never thought I would ever come close to.

So I was happily putting a straw in my mint tea with real mint leaves and everything. Super thirsty so I was really going to go for it.


Ahhh so fresh and minty.

Oh crap.

Some mint leaves got stuck in the straw and into my mouth.

Ewww, vege.

So I took it out and put it on the tissue on the table.

And there it was.

A dead cockroach.

With legs and everything.

It’s just one of those times when I pat myself on the back for not eating vege. Can you imagine if I just chomped on, thinking it’s a mint leaf? I would’ve chewed and swallowed a dead cockroach!

The lady came to me and was very apologetic, “Would you like a new one?”

I was still trying to process it all, I didn’t know what to say.

No, but could you just scrub my tongue please?

So that’s one thing off the list; Taste a cockroach.


The incident did not happen at the restaurant in picture above.