morning traffic

December 3, 2013

Started my day early in town today to meet some business people. What is up with the morning jam in town?! No wonder we’re all so stressed.

I’m working on a new project and as usual, the start of every new company involves loads of documents and words I myself can’t understand. *law degree gone to waste* But of course, like a true duck, calm and collected but paddling like mad underneath. I just smile and nod calmly and let all the what-on-earth-is-a-sinking-fund questions run all over my mind. Time to Google and go “Owwhhh cehhh, I know this!”

Have a good week ahead, everybadiii.

Wearing a blazer from Topshop, pants from Calvin Klein, bag from Prada, shoes from Aldo and printed top from Working Hours, at FV. I’m also wearing a headscarf from Fleur Malaysia, a brand that specialises in satin silk scarves, soon to be launched exclusively on FV. Stay tuned, hijabis!