not so mellow

December 2, 2013

Not a lot of people would dare walk around in bright striking colours. I remember seeing a yellow pantsuit and thinking whoaaa I would never. The first time I wore a striking can-see-from-a-mile-away yellow that I remember was in Jakarta; these pair of yellow 5-inches Kiss & Tell shoes. And I didn’t pair them with a safe pair of black pants or jeans.. I wore them with purple pants. All out with the colours, why not. And guess what, Jakarta peeps didn’t even flinch at the bold colours. They either smiled as if to acknowledge the shoes or didn’t even notice. What were my yellow heels compared to their yellow everything else.

Since then, I realise I love wearing these rich striking colours. I love the monochrome trend too obviously, but sometimes you need to inject some colour into the world. Yellow, hot pink, electric blue, bright red, bright green… brangg it.

I noticed some people stare, but meh. Go crazy with colours, have fun with fashion!

Wearing a cape cardigan from Asimareenย (other colours available), necklace from LVW (other colours available), Topshop pants, French Connection heels and my Sofina 2 bag (restock soon in new colours!)