ready for solids

December 12, 2013

Daniel’s grown quite a bit now after 5 months and he’s so curious with food. We refrain him from putting food into his mouth, but it’s so sad looking at him just watch us eat. Sometimes he really follows my hand movement; I pick up the fork, put it into my mouth, put the fork down to get more food, put it into my mouth… all these movements Daniel watches on intently with saliva leaking from his lips. Nowadays, he kicks whenever he sees a plate or spoon or fork and we would say “No, Daniel, not yet.” Whenever I eat in front of him, I actually cover my mouth because I feel bad he doesn’t get to eat too. Of course he gives me the that’s-so-rude-mommy-I-know-you’re-eating-now-hurry-up-and-give-me-some look.

Finally, we decided ok fine, let’s have a party in Daniel’s stomach.

You’re ready for solids, baby boy!

La la la… la la la… minding my own business… la la la…

Whoa whoa.. What’s going on, Mommy?

What’s that? Why is it coming closer to me? Seriously, what’s going on?

Mmmmm…this doesn’t taste like Mommy’s milk.. mmm this is weird… but…

…mmmm not bad at all.. gimme the spoon, I’ll feed myself thank you.

After he finished the whole bowl and burped….

Mmmm that was fun… I wonder what I’ll get next time!

Avocado, baby boy!

Next we’ll introduce carrots, sweet potato, broccoli… so much fun feeding my child!